Good Day to Change Up My Diet

I have nonstop internet again.
Ahhhhh. Home again. ♥️

Today is a good day.

I also have a new vegetarian cookbook. This is the year I don’t look back..only forward and I figure out so many things about myself..including my autism related eating habits. Yes that’s a thing too. I got away with it for so long because I had a very good metabolism.
Well that’s gone now I guess and I need to change it up but also keep in mind that I am actually programmed to like what I like and I don’t need to make myself anxious and feeling out of sorts by removing what my brain likes. (Those who know will understand all that. The rest of ya can zip it. It’s not always about will power for everyone. If only it was. I’m a complex b*tch and you don’t have to like that but I am who I am and I’m going to start taking advice from people like me for once who understand my things better. Love you!)

I like quick..easy..and really bad for me processed food. Love crunchy and sour and vinegar stuff. Crunchy is my main thing though. (I could absolutly eat hard shell tacos every single day.) I’m going to try to figure out how to satisfy that thing in my head that gravitates to “bad for me food” with “good for me food”. I have to. I can’t live like this and eating my feels is taking a toll on me. I NEED to really start thinking about the long term plan here and how I will age. I don’t want to be on 5 different meds because I eat horribly. No thank you. And I want my old body back. Tired of all that comes with this extra 50 lbs. Its not a lot..but boy does it make a difference in how I feel. It’s time. I have the tools and I’m gaining more daily. It’s time to use them and change this part of my existence as well. Onward.


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