When I Was a Kid Memory

Stupid weird kid things I did..when I was a kid.

I really don’t even understand why I did this but I do know I was very young and somehow got my hands on a poem by Shakespeare (way before the internet) and wrote it down in my little autistic hard to read scribble and tried telling my parents I wrote the poem. Shakespeare. WTF.
They obviously insisted I did not write the poem and I wasn’t being cool to say I did. It’s the only time I did that and still to this day wonder what the F got into me to do that?? There had to be a good reason in my mind to do that. Maybe it was a poem that said something about a problem they were having and my little wild imagination thought I could help them with these fancy adult words. Highly likely it was something like that. Just wish I would of used an Emily Dickinson poem in hindsight…lol

Weird memory I had today. I can vividly see that memory of being in my dads car and listening to him tell me I can’t be doing stuff like that and my feeling very disappointed in myself and embarrassed and also wishing he would just read the words and sentiment and shut up about the I copied it part. Ha.

One of those moments when I really wish I could go back and understand why I did such an out of character thing like that.


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