Timing is Everything

If I had been diagnosed as a child with autism…I might not have been allowed to get an education at a neurotypical school. My childhood would of been even more different then it already was compared to my peers. I might of been very behind and very traumatized by that.

I don’t believe things happen for a reason. But I do know things happen the way they do with the information available, effort given to that information and sometimes you just fucking luck out.

I really just lucked out in that way. The rest was hard…but at least I was able to be in a school that might of felt hard..and was…but the alternative would of been worse.

I found out I was autistic at exactly the time I needed to. At exactly the time when others like me began to. At a time in my life where there weren’t my normal distractions in life to allow me the time to research and process it. I am grateful the stars aligned in the way they did for me. I am so sorry others..many others in the autistic community were not so fortunate.

I am slowly moving away from this idea I was somehow cheated from knowing I was autistic as a child. Knowing as a child would have changed a lot for me in the 70s. They just didn’t understand it then. I mean I didn’t understand it until 2022..and many still don’t. It just hit me tonight how much my life could of been different..in a negative way..had I known when people didn’t really understand it. Your life plays out and while you wish for different things to have happened differently…with others it was best it didn’t. How’s that for enlightenment.

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