Good Intent vs Simple Empathy

Just have to say this quick.

Normalize not making people feel wrong or guilty for feeling what they genuinely feel and freely expressing what they feel. Or dismissive of what they feel. Good or bad. Instead of “look at the bright side” stuff although I understand well intended…it makes some of us feel wrong and selfish for feeling genuine frustrations and sensory stress during moments of change or real hardships for some like say…a blizzard for two weeks.

Try instead….”gosh that is hard..I can understand why that would be so overwhelming for you…I’m so sorry.”

I’m not judging. I understand the intent is good. I so understand and appreciate the intent is coming from a good place. I’m just trying to explain what it feels like from mine and others perspective. Sometimes knowing and seeing something from a different perspective helps us understand it better. Sometimes we don’t need cheer leaders telling us we should focus on something other than what we are in that brief moment feeling hard. We need simple compassion and empathy and someone to listen. We need to feel we aren’t alone and simply that someone cares. We don’t need someone to fix it or sugar coat it. We are intelligent humans who understand basic truths. We need acknowledgment and to be heard and seen. That alone is what really helps. Sometimes less really is more.

I’m learning too. I’m figuring out better ways to be and to speak to people too and I’m not in anyway perfect. I’m shaking off bad habits and things I learned that I didn’t really think about and trying to not just say words for the sake of putting words out there. Im trying to think more about what I’m saying as well how it is received.


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