For My Daughters..and Family

My intention with this blog has been to have something for my daughters and grandchildren and just family in general to reference back to. Wether it be for personal advice or to understand me or themselves better..the intent is to record my very personal thoughts and experiences. Especially now that I’ve been diagnosed as autistic AND more recently..ADHD. The complex soup that makes me is genetic. It is in us and always has been and until now..not one family member has recorded what it is and what it feels like. If only. I would of sponged up this information so hard.

I’m also thinking about my fellow autistic women when I write here. I’m thinking of generation after generation denied the right to be researched and diagnosed. I’m thinking about my ancestors and what they endured being undiagnosed and trying to do all they did in their daily lives knowing it was harder for them but believing it was because they were weak and overly sensitive and just dumb. It stops with me. Now we go forward with the information we all needed.


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