Teeth Trouble

Another tooth will need to be pulled on Thursday. Becoming a yearly thing for me now. 😭 Will be looking into what I can do at this point because I need teeth. 🤷‍♀️

This time I will be more prepared to deal with the sound and light sensitivities I have in a brightly lit and noisy dentist office. (I have tools now!) Just hoping I’m not treated like a 5 yr old when I try to explain which is what some people do when I explain I am autistic and feel stuff a little harder. Please don’t do this to people. It doesn’t help. It’s embarrassing and not helpful. My brain and comprehension work fine, thank you. I just need to know what’s going on (give me ALL the info) and for folks to understand I am in fact feeling discomfort and anxiety and pain harder than others.

I’m not overreacting. Trust me when I say I would rather die than to be any kind of drama or burden on anyone.
Be more worried about me when I get super quiet and zone out. That’s when I am working really hard inside my head to suppress all that I’m naturally feeling.
I am genuinely feeling it all hard and all at once. It is overwhelming and exhausting. Planning for this is exhausting. The simple act of thinking about an anxiety triggering appointment is exhausting. And feeling constant pain on top of it doesn’t help. I’m at the every time I eat or drink anything it’s painful. Breathing is painful. It’s bad. I called it when I started thinking two weeks ago I have to sit down and make an appointment. So relieved I was able to get in so quickly.


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