America is Not Okay

Something I never imagined would happen when I started talking about my autism diagnosis is being trolled and attacked in FB messenger by youngish dump supporters (I looked at their accounts and what they were into) who infiltrated an autism FB group. But that did happen not too long ago. All were reported and blocked and banned from group.

My “crime”? I notice sketchy and scammy human behavior patterns and commented that something wasn’t making sense with a particular new member in the group and his post. Something felt off to me as well others who also commented that something felt off. Most of us learn to study human and social behaviors so while a lot of the time we have trouble understanding it..we do in fact ..with experience..learn a lot about behavior for survival and just trying to fit in purposes. It’s why I say much as I don’t understand…I also understand so much more than most in how people follow a particular pattern and how easily I see details that don’t fit that pattern. I can and have been conned at the same time I have raised alarm about someone else being a con. This is a common autistic experience. To know so much and also not have a clue.

Ever get called the “C” and “N” word in a group message you were tagged in by 15 people? That happened. And I’ve never had this happen before in the how many years I’ve been on social media. In this group message I was added to there were also trans humans who were also being targeted. It was a real life online gang of people who do this sort of thing for fun I guess. Go into autism and trans help groups and target people.

That’s where we are at. Still can’t believe that happened. Can’t believe most things that are happening right now in this country. We are imploding from within and social media is the vehicle driving us all towards the cliff.


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