Dental Surgery

Removal of two root canal teeth scheduled now. (Bye thousands of dollars for these root canals that failed. 😭)
This will be the toothy smile k*ller until I can get implants and dentures done. My heart and pride hurts about this one. Like I need another vanity punch. And just daily functional punch. I know it’s surface stuff..and things could be worse…but it still sucks to me.

I’m afraid to be put under for this. I never have good experiences when this is done. Now I wonder if this too is related to my being autistic. My fight or flight sensitivity thing seems to kick up a notch. Drs/dentists on a regular my whole life have told me I physically struggle while under. Two times I had to be restrained. One time when 4 of my wisdom teeth were removed at 18 yrs old I woke up while still restrained. The brain does not forget that feeling of pure panic. We hold onto the extremes. Never the mediocre stuff. Always the extreme emotions. The stuff that leaves good or bad footprints.

And my autistic mind is already preparing and overthinking about this. I also need to stop doing some stim and self care habits pre surgery and that is just the added stress I don’t need leading up to this. So my plan is to stay in bed for 3 days prior to the appointment. Ya..right. lol Lordy.


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