Learn to Run Away

This country is so sick. So broken. 22 school shootings in 2018 so far…are we going for a record here? Is there a trophy for the best country at not protecting its children? We make laws for far less problems. We have many programs set up to protect animals and consumer safety but oh Lordy can’t touch the gun problem in this country. Can’t take care of our mentally ill or homeless or anything yucky. Pitiful. This whole thing is shameful and pitiful and I am absolutely embarrassed of the country I was born in. The older I get the more embarrassed I become as I watch absolutely nothing being done about very serious societal issues. You know what happens when you don’t take care of these things in a society? They grow in number. Folks start losing hope and have nothing left to lose anymore. We are creating a perfect storm and we are already witnessing the effects of doing nothing. This is going to get worse. I drive by so many gated communities. I think all the time…those walls and gates are not solving anything. Are you safe inside those walls? No really..are you really safer in that bubble? I think about the schools and their fences and gates and prison like security. It solves nothing. Separating yourselves from the yucky is not solving a damn thing. They are a band aide on a fricking brain tumor. Eventually there will be more who have been neglected and abused and ignored. And numbers matter. God damn it they matter and we will reap what we sow. We already are. Children are dying. What kind of society allows this to continue to happen? If we find bad lettuce making people sick we stop production and distribution of the bad lettuce. We flood the airwaves with warnings and recalls. We stop it immediately. But kids dying…nope. Nothing. It is beyond shameful. My grandchild will live a completely different life then I did. A worse one. A more dangerous one. She will learn how to protect herself from bullets..in her classroom…in America. Not in another country we are told to fear…but right here in America.

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