Not quite dead yet!

When I am super anxious I organize and clean.

My little studio has never been so clean you all. I cleaned out things not touched since I moved from my little house I owned in NFDL to Columbus, WI. And so you know I’m not kidding…I had forgotten I used my daughter Sky’s old baby food jars in an old wood mailbox thingy I use to store paint brushes. This is from the very beginning of my life as a mosaic artist.

What has me so anxious? You don’t have time and neither do I. All I know is for someone who really wanted a simple life and a simple existence just doing what I do…I have had every road block possible put up forcing me to go off the path and make a new one. That’s been my journey. A bunch of road blocks..a bunch of tromping through high weeds and muddy ditches to get around the road blocks. A bunch of “wtf is wrong with you people??”…a bunch of “you have got to be kidding me…and a bunch of “well fuck this…I will do it this way then.” Cuz I’m stubborn like that. But mostly because I just am not going to have someone else write my story and have it read…”she survived all she survived and then this dumb ass broke her.”

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