It’s Gonna Be a Good Day

Painting two of our decks today. Going to be in the 60s. 🎉 This is my favorite part of this house. The outside living areas. In HB we only had a thin strip of a long patio and it felt very exposed to our neighbors and anyone walking by. Nothing you could have a lounge chair on either. But the cats loved it and it was ideal for them so not horrible and we loaded it with plants since we didn’t have a yard…which meant even less space.
Here there are actually three big decks and one small patio. The deck off the bedroom we have a water fountain on and I’m going to make it a “zen garden” kind of sitting area where we can meditate. It’s on the second floor so up and away from passerby’s and private. A great place for some lounge furniture. 👍
The bottom big deck is the party deck. Lots of space and the one off my studio so potential class space as well. It’s also the deck we use as a second dining area and a great place to sit and say hi to the neighbors at.
Speaking of neighbors…I really love (most) our neighbors. They are the kind who we exchange treats with or during the summer Jell-O shots will suddenly appear or an impromptu invite to come over for BBQ. The community thing is strong in FF. And a lot of times it has felt like going back in time to a simpler time. Until one of your neighbors tells your bf yesterday “Fuck anyone who voted for Biden” to his face and then you end up having to tell off an old man who is planning to get a tall pole so he can put his tRump flag way up high for all to see.

Like I said…I love most of my neighbors. But anyway…busy day fixing a few things on our list of getting the house back in shape. It’s going to be a good day to be outside and I just can’t wait to get this done so we can..just sit.

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