Being in Santa Monica was a trip yesterday when it came to the vibe of this pandemic. A lot more folks wearing face masks there than I’ve seen anywhere else in CA so far. Outside as well. I think the closer you are to a hot spot…the more you see folks responding to that. The more likely they know someone or a lot of someone’s who have had covid. I’m finding here in the mountains it’s easy to forget it’s still going on sometimes. I’m also seeing a lot more posts online about people who got the vaccine getting the new variant of covid. No one is dying of it who has the vaccine that I have seen so far but they are getting it. Definitely seeing an uptick of posts about it all over different social media sites. This new variant is no joke.
Breaks my heart to know some of my family members are refusing to get the vaccine. I hate that BS information online..tRump cult members and anti vaxxers have succeeded at convincing people it is not to be trusted. Not everything is a conspiracy. I sometimes wish Facebook didn’t exist. It has been from what I’ve seen the biggest spreader of BS online out of all social media sites and the number one site for people who only have this one social media account.

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