“Unmasking Autism” by Devon Price, PhD

I have been recommended this book since I began researching autism and I have to say..it IS as good as they all say it is. I am floored at how point on correct it is with many things I experienced and experience. To the point that I wish I would of just read this book first earlier. But maybe I wouldn’t of been ready for so much truth all at once.

I highly recommend and not only is it helping me confirm and understand myself better…but the questions I had about my mother and others around me are also being answered. In summery..the neurodiverse is huge and full of so many ways a human can be on the spectrum and it really is true..if you meet one neurodivergent…you have only met one. And still…there are so many ways where we are very similar. I had no idea. And again I feel that strong feeling that I’ve been living on an island all by myself when one day I take a walk to the other side and discover a whole city of people JUST LIKE ME. All this time..50 yrs…I truly had no idea. I knew I was different. I suspected people I knew were most likely not feeling the things I felt and seemed to have an easier time at life. But I had no idea it was because I was autistic. I had no idea my brain really was wired differently.

I blamed a lot on trauma and my mother and step father. With some things rightly so. But with others…it had very little to do with them beyond my mothers genes. (And biological fathers.) I was born this way and it really is a blessing and a curse in many different ways. I am grateful I know now and straddle between grief and joy daily. Which can be a lot sometimes but I also know that change takes me a bit to process. And this is big enough to me personally that it might take me a bit. I feel like it will. Especially when I am having real new revolutions almost daily.

But this book. Wow. I plan to reread this one. It’s what I do when I really love a book and really want it to be imprinted in my head because it explains SO much and it’s so point on correct of my own experience.

Highly recommend. Bible territory.


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