Waiting on UPS to bring my garment rack. Praying it works. I have no room for a dresser. My room is big enough for a futon bed that I can not open up so I’m sleeping…with the cats mind you…on a cot size bed. I was not kidding to much about stacking cats. There will be room enough to walk through my room to the main bathroom. But again..I am grateful I had a place to go to so quickly and get out of such a nightmare situation. There really was no alternative with my Ireland trip. Just not enough time. I’m also helping with a remodel that was in the process so everything in this house is upside down at the moment. The good thing about this is I am so focused on getting this place organized and back to good for both me and my gracious host…my way of saying thank you….and little time to feel sorry for myself. This will keep me busy until I leave for Ireland. This is part of my healing as much as anything else.

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