That’s Not How Any of This Works

It’s annoying to hear people say each time the hospital numbers start going down here in Orange County “oh see this isn’t as bad as the Dems and news media are saying it is”.
FFS That makes no sense.

No…it means the numbers spiked and people started paying attention again to what they were doing and stayed home and masked up and did the things needed to prevent spread. I’m the first one to admit that’s what happened with me. There was a moment during all this where I let my guard down a little (went to visit my girls) after a couple months into quarantine.

I feel like we all did not have enough taught to us in school about how pandemics and infections work. I hope that changes in our school systems because if what the experts are saying is correct…there will be more situations like this in the future. Better our kids have this info in their tool box so the next round we don’t have so much complete ignorance about how this works. How infections work. How it you can do things to prevent spread. Simple things. How this became so complicated to some..I’ll never understand.

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