CA Weary

For us in CA…the fires have been a cruel mental blow to an already bad and unnerving situation with the pandemic. I’m seeing a lot of mentally weary folks who have been quarantined or changed entirely how they do and where they go since March…now have to stay completely indoors for fear of breathing the unhealthy air outside. Nevermind some of us haven’t seen a clear sky and the sun for a week. For me this was my escape being able to exercise and take my walks outdoors. I haven’t been able to do this all week and lord it’s testing me right now. Once again I have to adjust my daily way of being.

And I’m allowed to be in my home..imagine those not allowed to return to their homes because there is still a threat of a fire in their towns? My Forest Falls people have been displaced for a over a week now. Electricity isn’t on in their town because utility poles were burned down and hasn’t been for a week so this means when they get back home they will have a huge clean up of everything left in refrigerators or freezers. I never thought about that until living there and hearing the stories of other evacuations in the past. The “fun” isn’t over because the threat of fire is gone.

We are all collectively a bit battle weary for different reasons. And for Christ’s sake…climate change is real. It like the pandemic is not a hoax. It is real and this isn’t going to get better on its own. You can stick you head in the sand all you want but all this will continue to happen with or without you believing it is.

To all my CA people’s…either in the thick of the fires or just dealing with the poor air quality and forced indoors…hang on. I see you. We are in this together and we will get through this.

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