What I Know Now 2020

The most important thing I learned as an artist this year and what has been rolling around in my head when I havnt been able to create is to stop putting myself in a box. Stop trying to fit in. Stop focusing on one community when there is a bigger one out there that is embracing you.
Stop narrowing your goals. Stop trying to appeal to one type of people. Make art. Not just mosaic. Make ART. That’s really why you started doing what you do anyway. You were always an artist. You just found a medium that floats your boat. Stop caring about the rules that weren’t made for you and your sort. Make art. Make what you feel. Make what you see. Make it well…but make art. Ignore the endless chatter about how you don’t do things correctly. Make your art. Learn from your mistakes…learn from your experiments..just make art. Those that matter see you. Those who offer opportunities will find you. Just keep making your art. Tell your story through your pictures. That is the reward. The process. The journey. This is what grounds you. This is your super power. Only you can do what you do. Say all the things and just focus on making your art. And stop…stop trying to fit in. This has never been your path..and never will be. “Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow.”

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