Deep Tuesday Morning Thoughts about Modern Day Cults (Political and Religious)

Smart people..genuinely good people..can in fact find themselves in a cult that believes their way is the only morally correct way. It’s not inclusive to “bad people”.
I think we live in a time when what is running the narrative for all and telling you what you should really be upset about is between two cults. And both are manipulating the narrative to fit their agendas. And like any cults out there..there is no room for exceptions to the their rules. To have exceptions rips at the foundation of the agenda.
The main components of any cult is having a passionate, idealistic utopian agenda and an enemy who is trying to suppress their truth and way of life. Who among us hasnt felt suppressed in their lifetime in some manner. Some more than others. It’s a useful and relatable tool. It’s often times the “family” a lot of people feel they never had before the cult.

Good and well meaning people can absolutely find themselves in a cult. I see it every single day on Social Media. I see the instigators and the preachers repeating their messages over and over until it really does start to make sense that it is your duty..your obligation as a member of a particular cult to be upset about everything. It becomes your job. Your fight. If you aren’t you really care? Are you really a true member of a particular cult? What are you contributing to the goal? Have you tweeted enough? Have you trolled enough? These seem to be the top ways to contribute and get this false feeling and idea that you are contributing and actually doing something about the things you don’t like. No one does more then lift a few fingers these days to feel they are contributing to a cause.


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